School Teams Explained

When purchasing a Team pass you will have the ability to manage a group of user accounts directly from your account. You can add and remove users throughout the length of your subscription to give them access to all of our great resources.

Key Features:

  • Invite users via email or shareable link.
  • Allocate roles to users (Managers can also add and remove users to the Team).
  • Change users of the Team during the subscription.
  • Easily renew your Team subscription and allow continued access to all of our great resources.
Manage a group of members via the ‘Teams’ tab on your account menu
Add members via email, or share an invite link
Manage the members of your team. Allocate manager roles to other users so they can add others. Remove old and unwanted members.
New team members will be asked to create an account, or sign in if they already have registered. They will automatically be given access to content and become a member of your team
Easily customise your team settings

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