Our Intent

At Planpanion, our mission is to be your helping hand for primary teaching resources. We aim to provide outstanding materials you can trust to deliver our curriculum through quality first teaching, while allowing you a more manageable work-life balance. With an emphasis on confidence, consolidation and challenge, our ambition is to equip every child with the skills and knowledge needed to unlock their true potential.

  • Our resources are brought to life by our talented illustration team. Our chosen colour palette and characters attract the interest of primary pupils.
  • Every resource is carefully matched to the National Curriculum and any DfE guidance. Overviews are provided with rationales outlining any links to prior or future learning. 
  • Our resources apply consistent and relevant teaching pedagogies. We act upon recent educational research and work with focus groups of teachers / advisors to shape the materials we provide.  
  • The curriculum of each subject is planned in small steps and our resources are not differentiated.
  • Opportunities are given for pupils to build fluency, reason and problem solve within their year group expectations.
  • Our teaching slides are always provided in an editable format so they can be adapted to the needs of your pupils. In some subject areas, different variations of resources are provided so you can select the resource that suits your lesson best.